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Top 15 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

by Altaf Shaikh
best beaches in Puerto Rico

Are you a traveler and want to know about the best beaches in Puerto Rico? Then, you are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you about the beautiful best beaches in Puerto Rico that you can visit. It is a famous Caribbean Island known for its picture-perfect landscape mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, and lavish green tropical forest. You can do so many fun activities and things for enjoyment there. Keep reading the article to know about the best beaches in Puerto Rico.

List Of 15 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

First, let us have a look at the names of the best beaches in Puerto Rico which are worth visiting. I am sure that you won’t even know how your vacations would end on these wonderful beaches in Puerto Rico.

  1. Sun Bay Beach 
  2. Luquillo Beach
  3. Carolina Public Beach
  4. Isla Verde
  5. Ocean Park Beach
  6. Playa Sucia 
  7. Playa Crash Boat
  8. Playa Flamenco
  9. Rincon
  10. Condado Beach
  11. Boqueron Beach
  12. Guilligan Island
  13. Jobos Beach
  14. Playa Pastillo
  15. Escambron Beach 

Top 15 Best Beaches In Puerto Rico

In this section, I will give you more facts and details about the best beaches in Puerto Rico that you can consider visiting. I can assure you that you will get great experiences on these beaches of Puerto Rico.

  1. Sun Bay Beach

Sun Bay Beach

Sun Bay beach is among the best beaches in Puerto Rico to visit as it has soft sand, turquoise blue water, and easy accessibility.

It is also known as the Bioluminescent Bay due to the unique glowing phenomenon that happens at night. There are many phosphorescent dinoflagellates in the sea which makes it glow at night. You can witness this wonderful sight by going to this beach at night or taking a tour by boat after dark.

There are all types of facilities available on the beach like shady umbrellas, lifeguards, parking places and public toilets, etc.

  1. Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach is on the list of the best swimming beaches in Puerto Rico. It is also a gorgeous beach with golden sand, dazzling blue water, and charming coconut trees.

You can do many activities for fun here like jogging, walking, camping, kayaking, and swimming, etc.

This beach is also good for picnicking as it has amenities like changing rooms, tent sites, lockers, etc.

You can even click some pictures in its impressive background of golden sand and palm trees. If you feel hungry you can enjoy the yum-yum seafood in the local restaurants and eateries.

  1. Carolina Public Beach

Carolina Public Beach

Carolina Public beach is indexed on the best beaches in Puerto Rico for families. You don’t need to worry about anything as many public facilities like the outdoor showers, lockers, and parking, etc are available.

You can do many water activities here such as swimming, fishing, and boating, etc. This beach is popular for its state park which has several hiking trails and even the quirky coastal vegetation.

There are many local restaurants and bars that are near to it. The nightlife of this beach is lit and you can have a memorable night there.

  1. Isla Verde

Isla Verde

Isla Verde is one of the best beaches in San Juan Puerto Rico and has a nice resort area. You will find the top-rated hotels and resorts of the city in this area.

This beach has soft, light golden color sand and gleaming blue water. There are many activities that you can perform here such as swimming, jet-skiing, boating, surfing, and parasailing.

This beach has all the amenities that are required by the visitors. You can even enjoy the mouthwatering seafood and snacks that are served in the beachfront hotels and shops there.

  1. Ocean Park Beach

Ocean Park Beach

Ocean park beach is counted as the peaceful best beaches in Puerto Rico. This beach is very less crowded so you can go to relax and bask in sun there. It still has plenty of activities to offer such as kite surfing, volleyball, and paddle tennis, etc.

If you are a big foodie then you can go there on weekends to enjoy the tasty hot crab empanadas and piraguas. You can also go and try Pamela’s restaurant which serves the flavorsome sandwiches at an affordable rate.

This beach is laid back and away from the hustle and bustle of the city so I encourage you to take a tour of this amazing beach.

  1. Playa Sucia

Playa Sucia beach

Playa Sucia is noted in the best beaches in Puerto Rico to enjoy and to take a trip to. You will love its shiny soft sand and elegant turquoise-colored water.

To see some spectacular views of this place you can go to Cabo Rojo’s famed lighthouse. There are not many facilities available but the silence and the calmness of this beach are worth experiencing.

You can click some awesome pictures in the background of the limestone cliffs and the glazing Caribbean seawater.

  1. Playa Crash Boat

Playa Crash Boat

Playa Crash Boat is placed under the best beaches in Puerto Rico west coast. You can enjoy doing many water sports like surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, scuba diving and swimming here.

You can even walk around and see the incredible tropical fauna and the fantastic Mediterranean shells. The place is also perfect to watch the spellbinding sunset and sunrise.

If you are the life of a party then this Island beach is perfect for you. You can have a lot of fun by doing a party in its restaurants and bars at night.

For food lovers, there are many options of seafood and snacks available to try in nearby restaurants and hotels.

  1. Playa Flamenco

Playa Flamenco

Playa Flamenco is among the best beaches in Puerto Rico for snorkeling as it has crystal blue water. This beach is famous due to its unique horseshoe shape and breathtaking scenic views. The lush green mountains, gleaming blue water, and fabulous palm trees attract visitors from all over the world.

The main focus of the beach authorities is on ecotourism. You can also have a look at many coral reefs spread across the beach.

The other main attraction of Playa Flamenco beach is the Isla de Culebra National Wildlife refuge. If you like to do hiking then many excellent hiking trails are there in this reserve that you must explore.

  1. Rincon

Rincon beach

Rincon is indexed in the best beaches in Puerto Rico surfing and is a popular surfer paradise. This beach has the perfect combination of waves required for surfing and is suitable for all types of surfers.

Even if you are not a surfer you can enjoy watching this exciting sport there. This beach is not so crowded so it is good to relax and chill out with friends.

You can also do snorkeling here when the waves are low and see the impressive coral reefs and marine life.

  1. Condado Beach

Condado Beach

Condado Beach is compared to Miami beach as many celebrities and famous personalities visit this beach. It is also included in the best beaches in Puerto Rico for family and has so much to experience.

There are many high-end restaurants, luxurious resorts, and hotels on this beach. You can do sunbathing under the umbrellas and loungers kept there. These are usually booked or reserved so you must check in with the staff for availability.

It is not advised to do swimming on the Condado beach as the waves are high and strong. This place is perfect for sightseeing, sunbathing, and lounging.

  1. Boqueron Beach

Boqueron Beach

Where are the best beaches in Puerto Rico? The answer to this question is the Boqueron beach on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. This pretty beach spans over an area of three miles lined with pleasant almond trees and adorable coconut palms.

The water here is shallow, calm, and clean which makes it perfect for your little swimmers. It is also a blue flag certified beach which means it meets the international standards for safety.

This beach has a family-friendly vibe and many concerts and events are hosted on weekends. You should also not miss out on eating the tasty heavenly seafood here.

  1. Guilligan Island

Gilligan's Island beach

Guilligan Island is also known as Aurora’s key is out of the best snorkeling beaches in Puerto Rico. You must swim on this beach as it has crystal blue clear water. It will make you feel as if you are swimming in a large outdoor pool.

You can gaze around and see the graceful palm trees and widespread mangroves. You can reach this terrific island only in one way that is boating.

You can even order some hot food and delicious barbeque if you feel hungry or tired by roaming around the beach.

  1. Jobos Beach

Jobos Beach

Jobos beach is on the list of best beaches in Puerto Rico located on the north coast. You can hang out at this beach if you want to experience peace and silence. This place is also good for snorkeling at the farthest east point.

You will not find many high-end resorts, restaurants, and luxurious hotels at this beach. You can enjoy doing simple activities here such as sitting under the sun, making sandcastles and sightseeing, etc.

You should also not miss out on trying the delightful Puerto Rican dishes and seafood here.

  1. Playa Pastillo

Playa Pastillo beach

Playa Pastillo is a naturally beautiful beach placed under the best beaches in Puerto Rico. The main feature of this amazing beach is the rough sacred rock carvings and the colorful coral reefs.

You can watch eye cooling sights of the palm trees and the lavish green vegetation here. If you love nature and want to go close to it then you must visit the Playa Pastillo.

You can also go to walk around the sharp cliffs to see the cute small caves which have provided shelters to the natives of this place for years.

  1. Escambron Beach 

Escambron Beach 

Escambron Beach is noted as the popular best beaches in Puerto Rico that you can consider visiting. It is a blue flag certified beach which means it meets all the safety standards.

You can have fun with so many things to do on this beach like swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling and sunbathing, etc. Another famous spot that you can visit is the nearby Old San Juan’s fort.

There are plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops close to the beach where you can go to enjoy the local Caribbean cuisine food.

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What Are The Nicest Beaches In Puerto Rico?

The list of the nicest beaches in Puerto Rico is mentioned below.

  • Sun Bay Beach
  • Luquillo Beach
  • Carolina Public Beach
  • Isla Verde
  • Ocean Park Beach
  • Playa Sucia
  • Playa Crash Boat
  • Playa Flamenco
  • Rincon
  • Condado Beach
  • Boqueron Beach
  • Guilligan Island
  • Jobos Beach
  • Playa Pastillo
  • Escambron Beach

Where Is The Clearest Water In Puerto Rico?

The clearest water in Puerto Rico is found on the beach Playa Caracas also called the red beach. This beach was occupied by the Navy till the year 2003 which kept the white sand and the blue water of this beach preserved for a long time.

What Should You Avoid In Puerto Rico?

You should avoid staying in the public housing areas in Puerto Rico known as Caserio. These are identified by the apartment-like balconies and often attacked by crime gangs so you should avoid staying in them.

What Is The Most Beautiful Part Of Puerto Rico?

Puerto Rico is completely beautiful and it is not possible to tell the most beautiful part. I have mentioned below the list of beautiful places that you can visit in Puerto Rico.

  • Ocean Park Beach
  • Playa Sucia
  • Playa Crash Boat
  • Boqueron Beach
  • Guilligan Island
  • Jobos Beach
  • Playa Pastillo
  • Playa Flamenco
  • Escambron Beach
  • Sun Bay Beach
  • Luquillo Beach
  • Carolina Public Beach
  • Isla Verde
  • Rincon
  • Condado Beach

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There are many tourist best beaches in Puerto Rico that you can visit. Puerto Rico is a famous Caribbean destination with so much to explore. It is also known for its amazing flora and incredible fauna. There are many national parks and reserves that you can go to see here. You can have a look at the phenomenal colonial architecture, engaging art, and rich culture. If you love adventures then you can perform many activities like hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, and surfing, etc. I am sure after knowing all this you will take some time out to see these best beaches in Puerto Rico

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