Top 5 Best Free VPN for Kodi (2020)

Top 5 Best Free VPN for Kodi (2020)

Kodi is a free open-source for online streaming media and here we are with some best free VPN for Kodi. was initially named XBMC. It is developed by the XBMC Foundation. It is free for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, IOS, and RPi devices. You can simply download and install one from the top VPN for Kodi and sign up to start with.

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List of  Top 5 Best Free VPN For Kodi

We have lined up for you a free VPN for Kodi so that you can enjoy without worrying about your privacy and protection from spy.

  • Windscribe
  • Proton
  • TunnelBear
  • Kaspersky VPN

Let us see what all benefits you can get from these free VPN for Kodi.

Top 5 Best Free VPN For Kodi

These are the best VPN for Kodi for free. No free VPN can unblock online streaming providers without traffic limitations.

 Like all other free VPN Kodi providers, even Windscribe has some restrictions. 2GB to 15GB is what you get for each month.

You will get 2GB per month if you register but the registration is without your e-mail id. 15GB you will get if you register using email id plus you tweet Winscribe. It is a good free VPN for Kodi firestick also.

Along with a free traffic plan, you also get only 10 locations to access.


  • Free Plan
  • 2 to 15 GB free each month
  • Good Security
  • You can use torrent
  • No-Logs policy


  • On some location, it will work slow
  • Connection fail issue
  • IOS Security can be better gives you 2 GB of free every month. This best Kodi VPN free will give you have a choice of 5 locations. There are no particular things about It could cause some minor issues while installing Windows 10. It has a feature called Stealth Guard that gives very good protection.


  • It has both free and paid plans
  • For desktops, they have unlimited plans
  • Apps run stable
  • Supports many platforms
  • Supports torrenting


  • It accessible for 3 to 4 countries only for free
  • Gives only 2 GB
  • IOS has limited functions

 Proton VPN has a traffic limit and speed limit for the free version. It gives a free trial version for the first 7 days.  The best part is that you need not worry about monitoring the traffic bandwidth.  You can try its free VPN for Kodi.


  • Gives you the best privacy and security.
  • It protects from public Wi-Fi and other insecurities.


  • High-quality Videos and tasks are not available for the free version.

 TunnelBear is the best VPN for Kodi but with some restrictions. It provides 500 MB to 1000MB only. Standard use is 500MB and if you tweet this Tunnelbear then you get 1000MB per. This also one of the best free VPN for Kodi android.


  • It’s Free
  • It has its DNS server
  • UI is colorful
  • Supports maximum platforms


  • The speed is unstable
  • The limit is very less
  • Unprotected traffic can be leaked
  • Doesn’t support some modern platforms
  • Functions are limited on IOS

Kaspersky VPN service is the best VPN for Kodi with an anti-virus apart from Avast Secureline VPN. It has recently launched the VPN in it. It has traffic limits so you get 200MB to 300MB per day. You get 200MB if you have an account in their antivirus software and 300MB is you have an account.


  • It has its version of antivirus
  • It gives a very good speed in the US
  • Has both paid and free versions
  • They have a Zero- Log policy


  • It gives only 200 to 300 MB per day.
  • The limit of 200 to 300 MB it is not possible to watch a movie
  • Not for torrenting

Why Use VPN For Kodi?

Kodi being open-source has many add-ons in it. VPN gives you security and privacy from online threats.

Many add-ons on Kodi are user created. The unofficial add-on can be a risk for your device, including malware, personal information, and trackers. To protect your privacy you should use the best VPN for Kodi that does not affect your streaming or buffering speed.

How To Select The Best Free VPN For Kodi?

Kodi has many add-ons by users. These are unofficial add-ons by amateurs, fans, and even by some hackers. The insecurity of Malicious Software and Viruses is always this in this condition. We do not support privacy and don’t recommend you watch pirated videos or movies but Kodi sometimes has some pirated add-on by users.

It doesn’t matter what device or platform you can install VPN for any device, especially you must install the best VPN for android and other smartphones because we connect these handy devices to Wi-Fi.  So to protect our devices from hackers and harmful add-ons we recommend you to choose and install a paid or Free VPN for Kodi wisely.

Some tips to keep in mind while choosing the Best Free VPN for Kodi.

  • The Kodi VPN free should provide very good security and encryption so that your data is protected from Viruses and hackers
  • A best free VPN is the one that does not affect you’re buffering and your streaming speed should not be slowed down by the use of VPN.
  • The location of the server should be a good one so that you can access what you want to see.

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Which free VPN is best for Kodi?

These are the best free VPN for Kodi:

  • Windscribe
  • me
  • Proton
  • TunnelBear
  • Kaspersky VPN

What is the best free VPN for firestick?

Windscribe is one of the best free VPN for firestick.

Is there any free VPN for firestick?

Yes, there are some free VPN for Firestick, Windscribe is one of the best.

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These days VPN is used for protection and also to access live streaming of other countries. You can enjoy add-ons from Kodi without worry by using a free VPN service for Kodi. We strictly don’t recommend piracy but Kodi has some contents uploaded by users. To protect from unwanted add-ons and security you must have a VPN.

The Kodi VPN free providers that we have mentioned above have free only and some have paid versions plus free versions both, you should see the features and then opt for free or paid version according to your requirement. At AskCorran we have a review on more VPN for devices and apps.

I hope you will find the best free VPN for as per your requirement and will enjoy your streaming with worrying about hackers and security.

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