Top 10 Best Free VPN (2020)

Top 10 Best Free VPN (2020)

In the last few years VPN has become much popular, but finding the best free VPN that is trustworthy and supports torrenting and major streaming platforms is more challenging.

The VPN’s free comes with some limitations like speed, bandwidth, data limit, and server locations. Here we have researched and brought the top 10 best free VPN for you.


VPN Full Form is Virtual Private Network. VPN protects you from online threats. Nowadays it is more popular as it gives access to geo-restricted torrents and streaming. It gives your system security from and hides your activity online.

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Best Free VPN

There are many VPN free online but we could find that there is no free VPN that will offer everything. Every VPN free has its limits on speed, security, data, and devices in use and even on servers of locations. To access complete features you need to pay for a premium VPN. Don’t worry we are giving you 10 best VPN Service that is free and can be used if you compromise on some features

List of Top 10 Best Free VPN 

We mentioned below the best VPNs free and safe VPN to use.

  • Windscribe
  • ProtonVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • TunnelBear
  • Speedify
  • Betternet VPN
  • VPNBook
  • OperaVPN
  • E-VPN

Features of Best 10 VPN Free

VPN free versions give you some limited features to access so you should know what you will be getting and what not. Let us know about the features of the top free VPN.

Top 10 Best Free VPN

 Windscribe is a free VPN for PC and other devices that give a very good amount of data for it’s the reason it is at the top of our list. Plus you can get some extra data by tweeting the company you can get 3 GB and by referring a friend 1 GB you can win.

Windscribe an international VP that has AES encryption for your security. The best part I like in Windscribe is that the paid or free both versions have access to all the features they offer. You also get advertisements and malware blocker with it. There are very few free VPN that gives these feature.

They also give you privacy and security with no-logs policy. They also have a desktop app and browser extension. It is user-friendly software with very good customer support including live chat options. Windscribe one of the free VPN chrome compatible and is the best VPN for android.

They have some restrictions like a limit on your data and server locations. The locations accessible are

  1. US
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Hong Kong
  7. Netherlands
  8. Norway
  9. Romania
  10. Switzerland

This limits the viewing of content that is available in other regions.


  1. You get every month 10Gb of data free
  2. You can view the content of 10 countries
  3. You get robust encryption
  4. Malware protection and ad blocking feature
  5. It supports Torrenting
  6. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are also accessible
  7. Compatible with all major platforms like Windows, IOS, Firefox, Chrome, macOS, and Linux
  8. 400+ servers for more than 60 locations
  9. Supports unlimited devices

Proton VPN gives you unlimited data that is the biggest plus point of this VPN server. But it also gives limited access to the features for the VPN that is free. Plus is ad-free which is very rare in free VPN providers. ProtonVPN is the best free VPN for Windows and best free android VPN

The one restriction in the free version is that you get access to only 3 countries i.e. the US, Japan, and the Netherlands. As only three locations are available the speed gets a bit affected because of the overload. If you want to stream or use torrent then you have to upgrade for the premium version.

You can access 5 virtual locations with the bypass censorship and access to geo-restricted apps. ProtonVPN is compatible with many platforms. It also gives you a quick connect feature that connects you to the nearby server very quickly.

You also get DNS leakage protection. Proton is a free VPN for Fire Sticks also.


  1. You get unlimited free data
  2. You get privacy protection with No-Logs and Swiss Policy
  3. You get Automatic kill switch
  4. Proton has Robust Encryption
  5. It is compatible streaming with YouTube, Spotify, and Kodi
  6. It is compatible with platforms like Windows, Linux, IOS, and Andriod.

The hotspot is in this list on no three for many reasons the first reason is that you can connect to 5 devices at a time and have 500MB per day means 15 GB per month for free. It is also the best free VPN service for android. Your online shopping and transaction are given safety with top-notch encryption and DNS leaks.

Another feature that Hotspot Shield gives for Free users and premium users is that it is P2P support. By giving you one-click connect it is very user friendly. For streaming, you have to opt for the premium version.

The location access given to the free version is the US. Even if you try to stream any content through VPN enabled you will be blocked by their Premium Payment Wall. The hotspot is one of the best free VPN for Chrome and other OS.


  1. You get a total of 15 Gb per month which means 500MB per day
  2. It is very user friendly which makes it easy to use
  3. Top-notch which is military-grade encryption gives you high-grade security
  4. It is compatible streaming with YouTube, Spotify, and Kodi
  5. It is compatible with platforms like Windows, Chrome, IOS, and Andriod. gives you the benefit of 2GB data every month free and is free secure VPN with an automatic kill switch and no-log policy to give you privacy. It also gives you security from spyware even if you connect to an unsecured public Wi-Fi.

You can also select the best connect for your device as it supports multi VPN protocols. You also get ad-free browsing and 27×7 customer support. One more feature you get is IP leak protection. It also offers an ad-free browser.

Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, US East, and US West are the locations you get in the free version. This can be used for School and workplace. You can use torrent from this VPN but it does not give access to Netflix.

It gives you one device connection in the free version and is the best free VPN for android.


  1. It gives you 2 GB Free Data
  2. You get server location of 5 countries
  3. It gives you a good speed for browsing and loading
  4. It is compatible with Hulu, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime
  5. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, IOS, Linus, Chrome, Android, Firefox, Amazon, Fires sticks, and Routers also.

If you are new to VPN then this is the best free VPN server for you. It is very user friendly and has very grizzly animated bears. TunnelBear gives access to many more countries unlike other VPN free. It also gives you a very good speed.

Your data will be safe as TunnelBear has the no-logs policy and also gives you AES 25-bit encryption. It gives you access to any geo-restricted content but it does not work with Netflix and other such applications.

It gives you 500MB data per month but if you tweet them then you can earn 1GB extra data. It is a free VPN for PC and is accessible for both desktops and mobile phones. It is one of the best free VPN for Kodi.


  1. 500 data per month
  2. It has its servers in 22+ countries
  3. They give you No-logs guarantee
  4. Compatible with YouTube and Spotify
  5. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Andriod, IOS, Chrome, Opera and Firefox

 Speedify is a free VPN server just like its name, it was created to improve speed when connected and is the fastest free VPN. It is one of the best free VPN services for android It has channel spread technology that increases your speed but the usage of your data is doubled.

It hides your IP and gives you complete protection. It also gives you access to geo-restricted content. It maintains your privacy by the exclusive Cha-Cha encryption and no-logs guarantee.

BitTorrent and P2P are available for Speedify Amsterdam. You get 2GB free data per month that is sufficient for browsing and Social media sites like FB, though it will be not enough for torrenting or streaming.

The free version is also ad-free. This is a plus point because the ad-free feature keeps your data safe from the advertisers.


  1. Free data given is 2GB per month
  2. 200+ servers and 50+ countries
  3. Fast and reliable
  4. Gives speed and security
  5. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, IOS, and Linux

Betternet Free VPN for PC and other devices gives you 500MB data for a month and sadly its free version does not have the streaming facility. It gives access to the US server only but gives you very good security and privacy. Geo-blocked content and websites are restricted.

It will give you robust encryption with good speed. it also protects you from spyware and great for unsecured public WI-FI connection. It will show you many ads.

Once your free VPN download is complete you need not register to start with the VPN. Betternet is one of the best free VPN Mac users.


  1. Free data you will get is 500 MB per day
  2. You need not register to get started
  3. You get malware protection
  4. You get privacy via Robust encryption
  5. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome, Android, and IOS.

The best part of VPNbook VPN service free is you get unlimited data free and VPNBook is also one of the best VPN for Kodi. Your privacy is taken care of by secure AES encryption. You have a choice for Open VPN and PPTP. You get spyware protection also.

Free versions get location servers of the US, the UK, Canada, Poland, Germany, and France. Your data-id private as they use Romania and also gave No-Logs policy. You have to manually configure in this VPN, unlike other VPNs. It is user friendly and after the free VPN Download is done it helps you in installation with its guides for PC and free VPN apk also.

It also supports Torrenting. It will also show you ads as it supports advertisements.


  1. Gives you unlimited data
  2. It gives you 6 sever locations
  3. Gives you security
  4. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, IOS, Linux, and even Andriod.

The browser Opera comes with an inbuilt VPN free Service in it which makes it a good free VPN. This VPN gives a mask to your VPN. after you install the browser to activate free VPN online you have to just go and enable the VPN in the setting. It is just a browser extension. It will not protect the traffic sent.

This will give you features like ad-blocker and also malware protection.

When you use the browser you will get a mask on your IP, this feature is

great especially when you are using public Wi-Fi.

You get 3 locations that are Asia, America, and Europe, however, it does not

And other such apps. The browser is compatible with all major platforms

and is the best free VPN service for android.


  1. You get unlimited Data
  2. They give you in-built ad blocker
  3. You get malware protection by default
  4. You need not register
  5. It is compatible with windows, IOS, Linus, macOS, and Android.
  • E-VPN

E-VPN free VPN server gives its users unlimited data for free versions also. It also has a feature Stealth Mode that enables you to bypass the blocked content. It also gives access to many geo-restricted contents like YouTube Videos and Netflix.

It hides your IP and also gives you privacy for your online activities. You get no limits on your data but you have a limit on speed. You will get a downloading and uploading speed of 1MBPS to 5MBPS.

Free users can access 3 locations Netherlands, the US, and the UK.  It is compatible with Desktops and Smart Phones also.


  1. You get unlimited data
  2. Your data is protected via military-grade encryption
  3. The feature stealth mode maintains your privacy
  4. It also unblocks Netflix and geo-blocked content
  5. It is compatible with windows and smartphones

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Which is the best free VPN?

These are the best 10 VPN Free

  • Windscribe
  • ProtonVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • me
  • TunnelBear
  • Speedify
  • Betternet VPN
  • VPNBook
  • OperaVPN
  • E-VPN

Is there a free VPN?

Winscribe is one of the many complete VPN frees that is compatible with all devices including Windows, Linux, and Android.

How can I use a VPN for free?

Follow this setting ad you can use it for free

  1. Go to the website and click through
  2. Select and download the VPN you choose
  3. Install it
  4. Open the app and select your protocols
  5. Select the server location you want to connect

Is there a free version of NordVPN?

NordVPN does not give a free version but it is giving a 30-day money-back guarantee which has all features and is risk-free.

Is Cyberghost VPN free?

CyberGhost has both versions and has no fixed data giving to the users. Its speed is also ok but it is not so rosy.

Are VPNs worth it?

VPN is worth as VPN gives you privacy and security.  VPN Free doest not m-give payments to the servers and bandwidth. But you can trust them.

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As I have mentioned above 10 best free VPNs. There is no VPN free with no limitations. Some give you unlimited data and some give access to streaming apps. You can also install and use VPN free trial first and pay for premium if required.

Winscribe is one VPN that gives you maximum features, unlike other VPN that is free. When choosing the best free VPN download you must give a thought on features.  Some VPN is with antivirus like Avast Securline VPN.

The above mentioned are the best Free VPN and you can try them at least once. 

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