How To Deselect In Photoshop?

How To Deselect In Photoshop

Photoshop has many features but do you know how to deselect in photoshop? If no we are here to help you. Photoshop has many tools that help you select different objects like polygonal lasso and magic wand. These tools are easy to use through the photoshop toolbar. You can also deselect the objects. Below are two methods that will help you how to deselect in photoshop?

How To Deselect In Photoshop?

Below are the methods and steps to deselect in photoshop. You can deselect in photoshop with two methods. Both are mentioned below with steps.

Deselect In Photoshop from Top Menu

  1. Click on the select menu
  2. Click on deselect from the drop-down list
  3. All selected part will be deselected

Deselect In Photoshop With Keyboard

  1. Open photoshop with what you want to deselect
  2. Click on the window you need to deselect
  3. Press Control + D

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Reselecting A Photo

To reselect a photo you simply need to press

  1. Click on the Select Tab
  2. Click on Resect


  • Shift + Command + D (MAC)
  • Shift + Control + D (Windows)

Inverting Selection In Photoshop

You can easily invert the selection by just below mentioned steps

  1. Select the Magic Want tool
  2. Click on the background to select
  3. Click on the select menu
  4. Click on inverse photoshop

Invert Colors In Photoshop

You can invert colors in photoshop

  1. Go to the layer panel
  2. Click on the image
  3. Click on the image menu
  4. Click on adjustments
  5. Click on invert

You can click CTRL + me in windows and Command + I in MAC

Hiding A Selection In Photoshop

You can hide a selection without deselecting by following these steps

  1. Open photoshop
  2. Click on the View tab
  3. Click on extras

Saving A Selection In Photoshop

Here are the steps to save a selection

  1. Click on the select tab
  2. Click on save the selection
  3. Click on load selection to use the selection again

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How do I deselect quick selection in Photoshop?

Use quick selection tool by

  • Press Control + D (windows)


  • Press Command + D (Mac)

What is the shortcut key to the pen tool?

The shortcut key for the pen tool is “Control + P”.

You can make a selection using a pen tool by making a straight line for which you have to just click on 2 points.

By using Alt/opt-drag you can change the lines

Who invented Photoshop?

Photoshop was invented by Thomas and John Knoll the American brothers in 1987. In 1988 they sold the distribution license. It was sold to Adobe Systems Incorporated

What is CTRL-A in Photoshop?

CTRL-A is a shortcut in photoshop that means select all.

CTRL T is for free transformation tool

CTRL E is to merge layers

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Photoshop has many good shortcuts to help you deselect. Above we have mentioned the steps that when you follow you can easily deselect in photoshop. We hope we have cleared your query How To Deselect In Photoshop that will help you.

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