How To Record Discord Audio? 3 Simple Ways

How To Record Discord Audio 3 Simple Ways

Looking for how to record discord audio? Here we have a solution for you. Discord is one of the most preferred ways to connect, socialize. Learn and even for business. But it does not have an option to record the conversations. Don’t worry there is a third-party solution that can help you record discord audio.

But remember that in many locations it is illegal to record without permission. So you should ensure the permissions from all the parties that are part of the conversation before you record any.

How to Record Discord Audio?

To record discord audio you have to install third-party software. You must also properly configure the microphone you are using with the help of setting in discord. If you don’t enable it you won’t be able to speak on the discord server.

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How to Record Discord Audio Method

You can record discord audio through third-party apps or software. Below we have mentioned 3 top methods with software’s that makes discord recording easy

  1. Record Audio with OBS

Recording discord audio with OBS. It works with Windows OS and offers a very easy and user-friendly platform to record discord. Let us understand how to record discord with OBS.

Steps to Record Discord Audio With OBS

  1. Install OBS
  2. Open setting in OBS
  3. Click on Output on the left side of the window
  4. Go to Recording quality in the recording section
  5. Select the best audio output from the options
  6. Open discord

Now when you open discord OBS will record all the audio automatically.

Features in OBS

  • Text to speech conversation
  • Simplified combination of steam tools and chats
  • You get Media Request integration
  • You can easily broadcast to multiple domains
  • You get a high-quality audio streaming


OBS is a free software

It is an open-source platform

It supports desktop and windows


OBS does not support Mac OS and mobile operating systems

  1. Record Audio with Craig

Craig is an open-source platform for discord audio recorder. It allows you to easily record multi-channel and multi-tracks. Craig is very easy to run and can record up to 6 hours at one time. Here is how to record Discord audio with Craig

Steps to Record Discord Audio With Craig

  1. Open Craig Website
  2. Click on invite Craig to your discord server
  3. The discord server authorization page opens automatically
  4. Click on the Add bot to and select your server
  5. Click on Authorize at the bottom
  6. You will see the “Craig Join” message

Craig will immediately start recording and will display “now recording”. When you want to stop Craig recording the specific channel you need to type “:Craig: leave” and to stop recording all channels you need to type “:Craig: stop”

Features in Craig

  • It allows you to record from multitrack or channel
  • It has free chat servers
  • You get high-quality audio streaming
  • You get 6 hours long recording at one time
  • It promises you security
  • It is an open-source platform


It supports Windows as well as Mac OS

The software is free of cost

It allows multiple tracks recording


It does not support mobile operating systems

  1. Record Audio with Camtasia

More than 24 million people are using the Camtasia discord audio recorder. It has the best interface and has the best as well as the most advanced controls.

Steps to Record Discord Audio With Camtasia

  1. Install Camtasia
  2. Go to the start button on your computer and click
  3. Type Camtasia Recorder in the search box
  4. The recording window will open up
  5. Lick the down arrow beside the Audio button at the top of the window
  6. Select record system audio
  7. Click on the REC in the Rec circle or press F9
  8. The recording with start now

When recording is done press F10 to stop.

Features in Craig

  • The get integrated sounds with the onscreen activities
  • There is an HD surround sound option with the paid version


Craig supports Windows OS plus Mac OS

The GUI makes it easy to use

It has a one-step recording system


It is a paid program

You get a free version for a limited time

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How do you record audio on discord?

To record discord you need to use third-party software as discord does not has the record feature.

Can you record a discord stream?

In discord stream, you have options to record video and audio calls. As soon as the call starts you will see the record option and as the call ends recording stops

How to record Discord audio on a Phone?

You need to install third-party software that is compatible with the mobile OS to record discord audio on the phone

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Discord audio can be easily recorded with the help of software. The above mentions software are the best ones for recording discord audio. Also, remember that in many locations it is not legal to record without permission so be sure you have all the permissions from all the parties that are part of the conversation before you record any. Now you know how to record discord audio with excellent audio quality and can use it for a good.

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