Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives & Tumblr NSFW Ban

Top 10 Best Tumblr Alternatives & Tumblr NSFW Ban

Tumblr Alternatives in this Tumblr is a microblogging/social networking site, after a ban on it the users of Tumblr are opting for Tumblr alternative sites. Social media has become such an important part of our social life. There would be no individual who is not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

With these social sites, the microblogging site Tumblr is been vanishing.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr pronounced as “tumbler” is a social networking and microblogging website. David Karp found this American website in 2007. Automatic is the current owner of this website. You can manage your blog from dashboards and even you could follow other blogs.

Users on this site post content to a short-form blog. Even private Blogs are can be made by bloggers. In a month, more than 500 million visitors use to visit on Tumblr as of 2016 January but by 2019 August the visitors were reduced by 400 million.

When Instant messaging and blogging clubbed together it became more popular and then came more apps like Tumblr after its ban.

Ban on Tumblr NSFW content

In 2017 Yahoo sold Tumblr to Verizon Media and then implemented some policies on Tumblr NSFW. Since then the users are searching for NSFW Tumblr alternative sites.

NSFW fullform means “Not Safe For Work”, NSFW is aterm that is used when the content isn’t for workplace.

Tumblr then officially announced the ban on the content.

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List 10 Tumblr Alternatives 2020

Here we have Listed 10 alternatives to Tumblr sites

  1. Reddit 
  2. Newgrounds
  3. Pillowfort
  4. WordPress
  5. Mastodon
  6. Blogger
  7. Dreamwidth
  8. Ghost
  9. Medium
  10. Soup

Best Tumblr Alternative Sites

Let us know the above mentioned alternative Tumbler sites a bit more about them and their features.

  1. Reddit

Tumblr alternative Reddit is number one on the list. It is also a very popular site. Reddit is a discussion forum, with much more.

You can share links, images, videos, blogs, and discussion forums.

There are many active communities in Reddit. You can share so much on Reddit just you have to remember their guidelines.

  1. Newgrounds

Newgrounds is another popular Tumblr alternative with massive users. You will find many bloggers, creators, and artists here that have opted Newground after Tumblr.

Its been nearly 2 decades that Newground is on the internet for users. You will get an old school type of feeling there.

They have a tagline saying “Everything by Everyone”. It gives its users the freedom to share anything.

There are various communities to join as per your interests.

  1. Pillowfort

Pillowfort is the latest addition to the Tumblr alternative, it is still in beta version.

Pillowfort has been aiming to provide a safe environment for the users of their sites. There are communities to join as per your interests.

Here in Pillowfort also you can create or follow other communities. Like Tumblr, you have a hybrid blogging platform.

This new Tumblr alternative will charge registration of $5 till they are in a beta version later they will make the registrations free.

In Pillowfort you have complete control over what you want to see and whatnot. It also allows NSFW content but with an option to hide the content.

  1. WordPress

WordPress is a social site that cannot be ignored when we talk about the Tumblr alternative. This is the best choice for people who used Tumblr for blogging.

They have two different variations in them itself, and is versatile than other sites. You can simply install it by the scripts on your servers plus it also gives you control on your blog.

Both the variation of WordPress gives you the freedom to post anything.

  1. Mastodon

mastodon a free Tumblr alternative and open-source networking site. One thing that is different here is that you can install it and have your own rules.

The plus point that they give you is that it’s inter-operatable. You can exchange information between 2 servers.

“By the People for the People is their tagline.” Here you can join servers as per your likes, including their official servers. But these official servers have restrictions on them.

  1. Blogger

Blogger is the best Tumblr alternative provided by google. It is the best blogging site and Tumblr alternative app. It is a very easy platform for bloggers.

You monetize by Google Adsense, you can easily get its approval on blogging.

You can hide your blog from the search engines also and keep your blog completely private.

You have limited control over the functions here and some blogs are also powered by blogger platforms.

Blogger is one of the best options for new bloggers.

  1. Dreamwidth

When it comes to content management and open –source networking site this is one of the best Tumblr alternatives.

If you are a creative artist then you can join this without thinking much.

In Dreamwidth you can control what you want to view and whatnot plus you can join communities as per your interests.

In this Tumblr alternative share is easy and you have the freedom to share what you want. They are not third party adoption on dreamwidth.

  1. Ghost

Ghost is a powerful Tumblr replacement as per them. It is a professional, fast, and open-source platform

Here in ghosts, you can have your control over your content and features. It is a fast blogging site because it is based on Node.js.

If you are a content creator then Ghost but you have to pay some amount for using Ghost.

  1. Medium

If you are looking for quality content the Medium is Tumblr alternative app for you. This unique site is having a rise in its popularity day by day.

It is ad-free and gives you quality content which makes it a good choice after Tumblr. You can import your content from your site and has minimalist text editor.

Here you can even earn by your content that is Medium partner program. But you have to pay for the membership here.

  1. Soup

Soup is one of the most identical alternative Tumblr. Like Tumblr, you can share images, music, videos, and files on Soup. The uncommon thing in this is that you can import posts on soup from Twitter, Soundcloud, and other social media platforms.

You can join groups as per your likes and interests. It is one of the easiest using sites where you can easily follow others.

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What replaced Tumblr?

There are many platforms similar to Tumblr. The list of Tumblr Alternatives.

  1. Reddit 
  2. Newgrounds
  3. Pillowfort
  4. WordPress
  5. Mastodon
  6. Blogger
  7. Dreamwidth
  8. Ghost
  9. Medium
  10. Soup

What is the new alternative to Tumblr?

There are many new websites as Tumblr Alternatives like Tumblr Reddit, Newgrounds, Pillowfort, WordPress, Mastodon, Blogger, Dreamwidth, Ghost, Medium and Soup are some sites like Tumblr or Tumblr replacement.

Where can I go instead of Tumblr?

You can go on any of these alternatives instead of Tumblr NSFW site mention here Reddit, Newgrounds, Pillowfort, WordPress, Mastodon.

Did Tumblr lift the ban?

Tumblr was removed from Apple App Store and soon after it announced a ban. Since the users are searching and joining Tumblr app alternatives.

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We have listed above some best Tumblr alternatives sites available but there are many more options you can go for. These are some that are most popular.

Tumblr implemented a ban after a post that was unacceptable on 17th Dec 2018 they implemented the ban on NSFW. This no site that is 100% Tumblr NSFW alternative.

All these sites have different features and guidelines to use these sites. There are no NSFW sites without restrictions and guidelines you must know them and follow them wisely. You have a blogger that is powered by Google and even some sites that are for professional bloggers and some for creators.

You can join communities in these sites like Tumblr as per your likes and dislikes and even control the content that you want to see or and what you don’t want to see.

We have mentioned some Tumblr alternatives for you, you use them as per their guidelines. 

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