If you came across the word NARIC while reading and you want to know what does NARIC mean? then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find all the important information about NARIC. I will explain the definition, meaning, use, etc of the NARIC. You will find out everything about this new word if you have heard it for the first time. So let us begin and learn what does NARIC mean?

What Does NARIC Mean?

NARIC is a short abbreviation created for National Academic Recognition Information Centre. It is the information center developed individually by all EU and EEA states also countries that are associated in Eastern and Central Europe. This helps in comparing the academic qualifications which is one of the steps of the Bologna Process. A NARIC network is formed when individual NARIC centers are working together.

NARIC is also defined as the National Rehabilitation Information Center in many of the qualifications and skills. The answer to the question of what does naric means in gaming, studies, etc is explained in more detail. So please read carefully so that your every doubt gets cleared. Let’s see what does NARIC mean in history, medical, etc terms.

What Does NARIC Mean In Slang?

NARIC in different slangs or terms means as follows:

  • National Academic Recognition Information Centre
  • National Rehabilitation Information Center
  • National Agricultural Research & Innovation Centre
  • National Academic Recognition and Information Centers
  • National Recognition and Information Centre
  • National Rice And Corn Corporation

What Does NARIC Mean In Medical Terminology?

In medical terminology, the meaning of NARIC is National Rehabilitation Information Center. NARIC serves researchers, healthcare practitioners, educators, administrators, and consumers with document delivery, distribution, and information services.

It supports the personnel of the US Department of Education’s National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR), its grants and contractors, and related entities. NARIC is a disability and rehabilitation research library and information center.

The objective of NARIC is to gather, classify, and distribute the findings of research conducted by NIDRR, as well as the broader area of disability and rehabilitation research.

However, there is also a different meaning of Naric in Latin that is nares. It is related to the Nostril. You would also like to know what does NARICdefinition in English grammar. Let us read it too in short.

What Does NARIC Mean As A Verb Or Adjective?

In English, Naric is an adjective as per the grammatical category. For example meaning of NARICphilippines or NARICindia.

NARIC Agrarian Reform History

NARIC meaning in agrarian reform history is National Rice and Corn Corporation. In this Social Justice program, the NARIC rice and corn price were established. The NARIC meaning Philippines president Quezon supported helping the poor tenants and consumers.

NARIC Certificate

Here are steps for how to get NARIC certificate for teaching. So let us see them in the following.

  1. Open your Web Browser
  2. Go to the UK NARIC user portal
  3. Register yourself with all the required details
  4. You will get a link after registration
  5. Click on the link to activate your account
  6. Now you can apply from the portal with your login details
  7. Go to Menu
  8. Select Services
  9. Upload the qualifications files
  10. Complete your UKNARIC fees for certification
  11. Enter mailing address
  12. You will get your certification after the verification on your address

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What Is The Meaning Of NARIC?

NARIC means National Academic Recognition Information Centre. However, there are some other meanings of NARIC as follows in different terms.

  • National Rehabilitation Information Center
  • National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre
  • National Academic Recognition and Information Centers
  • National Recognition and Information Centre
  • National Rice And Corn Corporation
  • In the anatomy, naric means nostrils or nares

What Is A NARIC Certificate?

A NARIC certificate is a statement of comparability. It is the document that helping in recognition of qualifications and skills in academics and professional areas.

What Is NARIC Institution?

NARIC Institution is a recognized and accredited higher education institution. This institution is working under the status that is provided to them by the official authority of the particular country. They are part of the national education system.

What Is NARIC Assessment?

The NARIC assessment is the service that supports comparing and recognition of the qualifications and skills that are assigned by the specific country authority.

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In this article, you read about what does NARIC mean. Now you are having a complete idea about the NARIC and its definitions in different terms. I told you about the NARIC in agriculture, history, medical in very simple words. You understood what is NARIC that you were reading actually. All your doubts were cleared after reading this beautiful information. The data that I shared solved the common queries that may have come to your mind while reading about what does NARIC mean. 

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