What Is An AAE File? How To Open It?

What Is An AAE File How To Open It

What is an AAE file? You must have seen the.AAE files when you must have seen in your windows pc when you must have uploaded a photo from your IOS phone to a windows pc. You must have tried to open the AAE file but it must have shown you an error. So let us know What is an AAE file? And how to open these types of files.

What Is An AAE File?

The AAE file contains the edits made in the image or photos that are done using the photo edit apps in your iPhone or any IOS device. These files transfer the non-destructive edits that are made in the jpg files. AAE files are found with the images that have the edits. These files are saved in XML format.

How To Open The AAE Files?

To open AAE files directly is not possible. You can open these files on Windows by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Download a program mentioned below
  2. Install it
  3. Go to the folder that has the AAE file
  4. Right-click on the AAE file
  5. Click on open with
  6. Choose the program you just installed

List of programs to open the AAE files

Here are a few programs that can be used to open the AAE files. Apart from these may text editors can be used to open the AAE files

  • Microsoft Notepad
  • Apple photos
  • Apple Text editor


Is it OK to delete AAE files?

Yes, you can delete the AAE files manually but these files are smaller than 1kb so it does not matter whether you keep them or delete them.

How do I convert AAE files to JPEG?

You can convert an AAE file to a JPG file by following the steps below

  1. Download the Pixillion Image converter or any other converter software
  2. Open the Pixillion Image Converter
  3. Click on add
  4. Select the file
  5. Click on open
  6. Click on save folder or output folder
  7. Select the folder
  8. Click on browser
  9. Click on the output format
  10. Select jpg
  11. Click on convert

How do I view AAE files?

The AAE files are in an XML format and can be easily viewed in Notepad or TextEdit programs.

What is an AAE file on my iPhone pictures?

AAE files are files that are created by the IOS devices. These are the files that contain the edits of the images that you have done on your iPhone or any other IOS device. They are the XML format files that can be opened in any text editor


There are many types of files that we do not know and cannot be opened. One of such files is the AAE files. As mentioned above the AAE files are auto-generated by the IOS devices whenever you edit an image using a photo or image editor. You can view this type by using a text editor software. So we hope we have solved your query about what is an AAE file?

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