What Is Call Barring?

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In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, the term “call barring” emerges as a feature that empowers users with control over their incoming and outgoing calls. This article delves into the intricacies of call barring, deciphering its meaning, settings, and its relevance in both mobile and landline communication.

What Is Call Barring?

Call barring is a telecommunication feature that enables users to restrict certain types of incoming or outgoing calls. This functionality provides a layer of control, allowing individuals to customize their call experience based on preferences or specific requirements.

What Is Call Barring Mean?

At its core, call barring means setting restrictions on incoming or outgoing calls based on predefined criteria. This could include barring calls to international numbers, premium rate numbers, or specific contacts, depending on the user’s preferences.

What Is Call Barring Settings?

Call barring settings refer to the configurable options within a device or network that allow users to define the parameters of call barring. These settings typically include options to bar incoming calls, outgoing calls, international calls, or calls to specific categories of numbers.

What Is Call Barring Samsung?

On Samsung devices, call barring is a feature that provides users with the ability to control their calls. Users can access call barring settings on Samsung phones to customize call restrictions based on their preferences or specific needs.

What Is Call Barring Password?

Call barring settings are often protected by a password to prevent unauthorized changes. The call barring password is a security measure that ensures only authorized users can modify call barring settings on a device or network.

What Is Call Barring On Samsung?

Call barring on Samsung devices allows users to set restrictions on incoming and outgoing calls. Users can navigate to the call settings on their Samsung phones to access call barring options and customize the barring criteria.

What Is Call Barring On Landline?

In the context of landline phones, call barring operates similarly, allowing users to control incoming and outgoing calls. Landline users can activate call barring services through their service provider, customizing restrictions based on their preferences.

What Is Call Barring On Android?

On Android devices, call barring is a built-in feature that provides users with the flexibility to control their call preferences. Android users can access call barring settings through the phone app to tailor call restrictions according to their needs.

How To Stop Call Barring:

Stopping call barring involves accessing the call barring settings and disabling the restrictions that have been previously set. The process may vary depending on the device and service provider, but generally, users can navigate to call settings and deactivate call barring options.

What Is Call Barring Vodafone?

Vodafone, like many other service providers, offers call barring services to its users. Vodafone subscribers can explore the call settings on their devices or contact customer support to understand and customize call barring options.

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What Is Call Barring Password For Airtel:

Airtel users may have a specific call barring password set by the service provider. To customize call barring settings on Airtel, users can inquire about or set a password through customer support or the self-service options provided by Airtel.

Call Barring Rejected:

If a call is rejected due to call barring, it means that the specific call falls within the barred criteria set by the user. This could include barring calls from certain numbers, international calls, or other defined restrictions.


In the dynamic world of telecommunications, call barring stands as a tool that grants users command over their calling experience. Whether on mobile devices or landlines, understanding call barring empowers individuals to tailor their communication preferences, ensuring a personalized and secure calling environment. Mastering the nuances of call barring opens the door to a more controlled and customizable communication landscape.


What Happens When Call Barring Is On?

Incoming call barring lets you block all incoming calls or specific numbers by adding numbers to the blocked list. Outgoing Call Barring: With the outgoing call barring feature, you can avoid unintentional outgoing calls. You can use outgoing call barring to block premium-rate numbers and save up on added charges.

How Do I Remove Call Barring?

Press Settings. Press Supplementary services. Press Call barring below the required SIM. Press the required barring type to turn the function on or off.

Is Call Barring The Same As Call Blocking?

Call barring is slightly different from call blocking as it restricts incoming calls, outgoing calls and texts on your phone. It is also available at no additional cost.

How Do I Know If I Have Call Barring?

How do I check the status of my call/text barring? For the call barring status of incoming calls/texts, input the following: Local barring – Dial *#35*<4-digit code># and press the call key. International barring – Dial *#351*<4-digit code># and press the call key.

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