What Is FAFO?

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In the realm of research and analysis, FAFO, an acronym for the Norwegian Institute for Applied International Studies (Forskningsstiftelsen FAFO), stands as a prominent independent research foundation. With a focus on social and labor market issues, FAFO conducts research, provides analysis, and offers valuable insights into various aspects of society. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of FAFO, exploring its purpose, areas of expertise, and the significance of its work in shaping policies and understanding social phenomena.

What Is FAFO?

FAFO is dedicated to conducting high-quality research that contributes to the understanding of societal challenges, labor market dynamics, and social issues both within Norway and globally. As an independent research foundation, FAFO is committed to producing unbiased and reliable knowledge that can inform public debate, policy-making, and social development.

Areas Of Expertise

  1. Labor Market Research: FAFO specializes in labor market research, examining topics such as employment trends, wage dynamics, working conditions, labor market policies, and industrial relations. By analyzing data and conducting surveys, FAFO provides valuable insights into the changing dynamics of the labor market, which can inform policy decisions and support the development of fair and sustainable work environments.
  2. Social Policy Analysis: FAFO’s expertise extends to social policy analysis, focusing on issues such as welfare systems, social inequality, poverty, migration, gender equality, and social inclusion. Through rigorous research and data analysis, FAFO contributes to the understanding of social challenges and informs policymakers, stakeholders, and the public about effective strategies for promoting social well-being and equality.
  3. International Studies: FAFO engages in international studies, examining various aspects of global development, conflict resolution, peacebuilding, human rights, and labor migration. By collaborating with international partners and conducting research in different countries, FAFO provides valuable insights into global challenges and contributes to the formulation of evidence-based policies on an international scale.

The Impact Of FAFO’s Work

  1. Evidence-Based Policymaking: The research conducted by FAFO serves as a foundation for evidence-based policymaking. The rigorous analysis and insights generated by FAFO contribute to the development of informed policies and strategies that address social, labor market, and global challenges. Policymakers, government agencies, and stakeholders can rely on FAFO’s research findings to make informed decisions and design effective interventions.
  2. Informed Public Debate: FAFO’s research findings stimulate public debate and provide valuable insights into social issues. By disseminating research outcomes through reports, publications, and public engagements, FAFO fosters a well-informed public discourse on topics such as labor market dynamics, social policy, inequality, and international development. This helps promote a deeper understanding of complex societal issues and encourages dialogue among various stakeholders.
  3. Academic and Scholarly Contributions: FAFO’s research findings contribute to the body of knowledge in relevant academic fields, providing scholars, researchers, and students with valuable resources for further analysis and exploration. The independent and rigorous research conducted by FAFO strengthens academic knowledge and encourages ongoing research and scholarship in areas related to social and labor market studies.


FAFO, the Norwegian Institute for Applied International Studies, plays a vital role in conducting independent research and analysis on social and labor market issues. With its focus on labor market dynamics, social policy analysis, and international studies, FAFO generates valuable insights that inform policymaking, contribute to informed public debate, and advance scholarly understanding. The work of FAFO enhances our understanding of societal challenges, promotes evidence-based policymaking, and helps shape a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable society.

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