What Is Mule Tape?

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In the realm of utility and industrial applications, mule tape stands tall as a robust and versatile tape known for its durability, strength, and adaptability. This specialized tape, originally used in the telecommunications industry, has evolved to become an indispensable tool in various sectors, offering reliability and functionality in a multitude of applications.

What Is Mule Tape?

Mule tape, also known as pulling tape or polytape, is typically made from high-strength polyester fibers woven together to form a flat, ribbon-like tape. Its composition grants mule tape exceptional tensile strength while maintaining flexibility and resistance to abrasion, making it ideal for demanding tasks.

Utility In Industries

  • Telecommunications and Cabling: Mule tape’s initial use was primarily in telecommunications for pulling and installing cables. Its strength and low stretch properties make it invaluable in this industry, aiding in the installation of fiber optic cables, electrical wires, and communication lines.
  • Construction and Electrical Work: In the construction and electrical sectors, mule tape serves as an essential tool for pulling wires through conduits or narrow spaces. Its flexibility and durability allow for smooth and efficient installation of electrical wiring in buildings or structures.
  • Outdoor and Recreational Uses: Beyond industrial applications, mule tape finds use in outdoor activities and recreational pursuits. Its strength and resilience make it suitable for camping, DIY projects, securing loads, or even as a makeshift clothesline.

Versatility And Reliability

One of the key attributes of mule tape is its versatility. It can be easily knotted, tied, or spliced to suit specific needs, offering adaptability in various scenarios. Additionally, its non-conductive properties make it safe for electrical installations.

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The Importance Of Mule Tape

In a landscape where strength, durability, and flexibility are paramount, mule tape emerges as an indispensable tool. Its role in facilitating the installation of critical infrastructure, aiding in electrical work, and serving as a dependable utility in various applications underscores its importance across industries.


Mule tape, with its robust composition and multifaceted utility, stands as a testament to the significance of reliable tools in diverse industries. Its strength, flexibility, and adaptability make it an invaluable asset in telecommunications, construction, electrical work, and beyond.

As industries continue to evolve and demand tools that offer durability and functionality, mule tape remains a reliable companion—a steadfast utility tape that contributes to the seamless installation and functionality of critical infrastructure and projects.


What Is 2500 Lb Mule Tape Used For?

Use GB’s Extreme TrueTape mule webbing to measure and pull with a single, super-strong product. The flat pull tape disperses the pull load over a larger surface area of conduit, reducing frictional heat buildup and burn-through, especially at conduit sweeps and bends.

What Is Another Name For Mule Tape?

Also known as mule tape, mule tape rope, or electrical conduit pull tape, pull tape is a polyester webbing product used to help securely route wires through electrical conduits and walls.

Is Mule Tape Stronger Than Rope?

In 1999, NEPTCO recreated a typical installation scenario in an above-ground test. The results were just as expected – the rope burned through the conduit in seconds, while the MULETAPE caused no damage.

What Is Mule Tape Used For?

Mule tape is the ideal companion for your next outdoor venture or camping trip because, with its superior strength and durability, this high-quality rope can secure tents, tie up gear or food, or even be used to rappel.

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